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A guide to neighbourhoods in Weert

Where would be a great location to live in Weert? 

Weert does have a lot of nature, greeneries around the cities. The city population of 50,000 living in various parts of the suburbs around the city and in the smaller villages around it such as Swartbroek, Stramproy, Tungelroy and Altweerterheide.

Weert is built in a round shape, a ring road circle connects the fringe if the city. Unlike most cities in The Netherlands, you would not find many houses with canals as your backyard in Weert (apart from Molenakker). 

Depending on your budget and needs, different neighbourhood have their own advantages and disadvantages. Most neighbourhoods are equipped with playgrounds for kids to play. 

  • Fatima, the eldest neighbourhood in Weert is right next to the city centre. The city centre has 2 supermarkets, Albert Heijn and Jumbo, drugsstores, and clothing stores, cafes and restaurants. However, I find that the houses in this area is not as spacious as the newer neighbourhoods around. There is a kindergarten and primary school located within this area, De Kameleon

  • Heiligen buurt is also walking distance from the city centre and the train station. The houses in this area are bigger and more premium than in Fatima. Along its main streets, there are restaurants, Bacio - an ice cream shop, Cafetaria de Rotonde snackbar, Action, a Morocan supermarket, a Turkish supermarket, a hairdresser and many more. 

  • Biest is the next neighbourhood within the city centre fringe as well. This neighbourhood has a few shops on the main road high school, Phillips van Horne is located within this neighbourhood. The main hospital, St Jans Gasthuis Weert is within a walking distance from this area too. 

  • Moesel and Keent are located next to each other, nearby the train station too. If you are more budget-conscious and need to commute by train daily these neighbourhood would be convenient as they have a number of schools, Jumbo supermarket, DA drugstore, Wijnhuis Weert - a wine shop, Bakerrij Broekmans - a bakery, Chinese Box Club - a Chinese takeout kiosk in Winkelcentrum Moesel. One of Weert's best high schools is located in Keent, Het College. There are several primary school and kindergarten in these areas too. Graswinkle is another area just on the other side of the train track with a kindergarten and primary school too. Kids friendly environment for young families.

  • Groenewoud is located around 15 minutes if walking distance from the city centre and the train station. A more quiet area yet still centralized. A big kindergarten and primary school, Ann de Bron, located around this. Around the corner, at the start of Groenewoud, there is a small supermarket, Jan Linders. In one of the main streets, Limburglaan, there is Goeden tweewielers - bicycle store, Hairmix - a store for professional hairdressing products, Orange - a Turkish supermarket, a hairdresser and Royal food corner - a kebab shop. 

  • Leuken, the houses here are more spacious. Located close to the ring road of Weert. It has one of my favourite playground for kids with a more natural setting, just behind their shopping area. in Winkelcentrum Leuken is complete with Jumbo supermarket, Aldi supermarket, a stationery shop, Restaria snack bar, a hairdresser, and DA drugstore.

  • Moelenakker is a newly built area. Lush, spacious, cozy but a little bit off from the city centre. It has several schools and Jan Linders supermarket in Winkelcentrum Molenakker. You'll find those typical houses with canal on the backyard on this area. 

  • Boshoven is one of the biggest areas in Weert. On the other side of the canal, a little bit far for my liking and a little far from everything else. But if you work in Eindhoven and drive a car, this neighbourhood is convenient as it’s the closest connection to the A2 highway and equipped with several kindergarten and primary schools. It has it's own Jumbo supermarket in Winkelcentrum Boshoven

Naturally, there are more neighbourhoods around Weert that I did not mention on the above list, which are more suitable for more country living lifestyle. In general, I do not really see any 'bad neighbourhood' in within the city, which makes it a safe and friendly area for families with young children.

Another advantage as the city is small, you can ride from one side of the city to another within 10-15mins by car. Or if you have no car yet, Weert is very bike-friendly for newcomers. 

Best way to navigate around the city is to drive around or cruise around with your bike if the weather permits, you will get to learn the area pretty quickly.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to leave a comment and I'll be happy to answer. 

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