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Food & Valentine

Food is the ingredients that bind many people together, hence Valentine day is often associated with wine, dine and the extra gift. 

If you are new to Weert and wondering where to go for Valentine day dinner. Here are some of my personal recommendations:

Located in the city centre, this place is probably our personal favourite in the city, casual setting with an industrial look. It is run by the same operators and kitchen as their next-door more fine dining set up, Flavours. You can also order some dishes from Flavours menu next door, I love the seasonal dessert surprise! Great service, good food, small and intimate.

Address: Hoogstraat 30, 6001 EV Weert

Contact no: +31 (0)495 623188

Just next door to Bistro du Suds, same owner and entrance. Cozy, intimate and comfortable with a large wine selection. They received a Michelin bib gourmand in 2019, their price range is certainly worth the dining experience and food quality. Our second most favourite dining place in the city. 

Address: Hoogstraat 30, 6001 EV Weert

Contact no: +31 (0)495 45 10 22

Tucked away behind Weert's city hall (Gemeente Hall), Restaurant Marees is highly recommended by a lot of local who loves their food. Recently they sweep a Michelin star. Their 5-course surprise valentine menu goes for €80 per person. 

Address: Stadhuispassage 10 Weert

Contact no: +31 (0) 495 452028

 We have not personally dined in here yet, but this restaurant is also on the list of Michelin guide recommendation. Located slightly off the city centre, in an old windmill. They have their website in English, yay!

Address: Oude Hushoverweg 30. 6003 AN Weert.

Contact no: +31 (0) 495 – 850802

 This place is suitable for meat-lovers. This restaurant came recommended by our South African friends. Casual, diner type of restaurant with a large steak and burger menu. They have great service team here too!

Address: Bassin 5. 6001 GZ Weert

Contact no: +31 (0) 495 721 110

Now that I have listed down some places for you to try this Valentine, some of you go 'oh no, how about the kids?'. Well, we are fortunate enough that my husband's parents live around the corner. But the best tip I could give is to get friendly with the teenage neighbour as soon as possible. If you feel that they are great, well you have a prospect for a handy babysitter. Alternatively, try on this website called Sitly, which recommends baby sitter services around the area. 

If you are wondering what gives me the authority of recommending places to eat in Weert? Well, I'm more than just average foodie. Being in the food industry for over 12 years now, I had my fair share of trying different restaurants and cuisines professionally. Currently am an advisory member of World Gastronomy Institute.

Follow me on instagram - nomadsinweert for more updates on lifestyles and food! 

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