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For the love of Asian food..

Moving here from food heaven like Singapore was one of the biggest alterations I made by moving to Weert. When you are used to having a satisfying Hainanese Chicken Rice for lunch and Thai food for dinner. The options are a little limited here in Weert. 

Since Chinese New Year is around the corner, there are many more things that I miss about Asian food. Here's a special edition post to pre-Chinese New Year 2020 which hopefully would be useful for some of you who miss that tasty Asian food!

What do I do to survive my Asian food draught? 

There are several Asian food joints around Weert, but many are altered to the Dutch standard of Asian food. There's no surprise to this, as there was a huge migration of Chinese people from the East Indies to the Netherlands back in the early 1900s. Hence, many Dutchies are accustomed to Indo-Chinese cuisines, such as Fu Yong Hai, Sate Ayam, Babi Pangang, etc which taste completely different than the proper Chinese food that you get in Asia. 

Well, I cook most of my favourite Asian dishes at home. Thanks to Amazing Oriental Webshop, you can get more variety than what you find typically in supermarket shelves. More than Albertheijn even. Once in a while, I would make a trip to Sang Lee in Eindhoven to grab more ingredients and breathe more Asian vibes too. In my pantry at home, I would stock up things such as hotpot base, dips, rice noodles, dried white fungus, mushrooms, goji berries, etc. I bought a 2-plates hotpot electric stove and a steamer which come in very handy during winter. 

In Weert itself, when I don't feel like cooking, I like to pick up the convenient food from Chinese Box Club (nearby Jumbo in Moesel). My favourite dishes from this Chinese takeaway is the Beef Brocolli, Fu Yong Hai. When I feel like eating lots of variety of Asian dishes but really can't be bothered to cook, my family and I would head to Mishi, just opposite of the main church in Weert city centre. Mishi works on all-you-can-eat prices; €25 per person for dinner and €17 per person for lunch. My favourite dishes from Mishi are Fried Udon, Sweet and Sour Fish, Red Curry Shrimps, Sake Cheese Sushi, Smoked Salmon and Fried Tofu

There's a small Thai restaurant in Nederweert too, called Chang Phurk. Recommended dishes would be the Thai green curry and Tom Kha Kai. 

As an alternative if your family can’t make up their mind on what they want to eat is Atlantis in Nederweert. It’s a buffet restaurant with a spread of Indo-Chinese dishes, sushi, wok station, teppanyaki station, grill station, pizza, salad and a large dessert station and frozen yoghurt machine! Their price varies on weekdays and weekend based on 2.5 or 3 hours buffet session. It includes basic non-alcoholic beverages, beer and wines.

Another restaurant that we add to our repertoire in Weert is Peking Garden in Stramproy. The restaurant looks like those typical Chinese restaurants that you see in a 90s American movie and that no one ate there ever. But to our surprise, the takeaway business from the local residents. 

Unfortunately, there's no Indian food in Weert at this point. We travel to Eindoven for a decent fix of Indian food.

Are these restaurants authentic? No, but they are good enough to satisfy my immediate cravings. 

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