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Getting to know Weert

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

One of the largest town in Limburg, the southern region of The Netherlands. Home of annual Weert Fair (Kermis) and Bospop (a rock and pop festival).

Lots of people have never heard of Weert or have any idea where it is or what is it like. How do you pronounce it anyway? Weert (similar to 'weird' in English), try this to hear the proper way to say 'Weert'.

Many friends in Amsterdam or from Rotterdam would imagine Weert as hectares of farming land with more livestock populations than humans (almost like how many people imagine New Zealand to be). Well not exactly, The Netherlands is a lot more densely populated compared to similar town sizes in New Zealand.

The town itself is located in the intercity train line between Eindhoven and Maastricht. 43kms from Eindhoven, it takes 17 minutes by intercity train (or car ride), slightly over 20 minutes with the sprinter train (the one which stops in smaller villages).

Although the city of Weert is not as exciting as the big Eindhoven city, there are many perks of living in Weert even if your work is in Eindhoven. As Eindhoven itself is a busy city, the intercity train from Weert takes you just as fast as if you drive from a suburb in Eindhoven to the city centre. So many people living in Weert do actually work in Eindhoven and prefer to travel back as the cost of living in Weert is a lot more affordable than living in Eindhoven.

Practical advantages for living in Weert:

  • Housing prices in Weert is almost half of the housing prices in Eindhoven. 

  • Many Weert residents drive 10minutes to Maaseik (Belgium) to fill up petrol for their cars as the Belgian prices are lower (20-30cents per litre) than The Netherlands 

  • Groceries prices are cheaper in a smaller town then in bigger cities (due to the cost of shop rental)

  • You save a lot more time with less traffic and less crowded supermarket doing weekly groceries 

  • Although the city size is rather small, there seems like always something to do or see in town every other weekend

  • Surprisingly very friendly for families with young children, safe, stable and calm 

  • If you love nature, cycling or walking in the countryside is just 10 mins away 

The next closest city is Roermond, 23km south which takes about 13minutes by intercity train (or car). Roermond is a lot more pretty aesthetically than Weert or Eindhoven. Many historical buildings are preserved and the waterfront of the Maas river is quite charming. If you are a fan of designer clothing, McArthur Glen Designer Outlet Roermond has over 180 stores including Polo Ralph Lauren, Gucci, Prada, and over 20 restaurants. A perfect shopping destination, spacious with a large parking space.

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