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Gyms and Sports Centers in Weert

Looking for a sport or outdoor activity in Weert? You don’t need to live in one of the big cities in the Netherlands to enjoy all the activities and sports that are offered there. In fact, you can find all types of sports, including gyms and sports centers, in Weert as well! With the current covid-19 measures, all indoor sports activities are suspended. But some of these centres provides online or outdoor activities!

Sports in Weert, Netherlands

Sports activities abound in Weert, Netherlands. Whether you are looking for a way to release some pent-up energy, or are interested in trying out a new sport, there is something for everyone. Golfers can head to golf courses located nearby to play a round of 18 holes. Rollerbladers may wish to take advantage of public skate parks.

Exercise Studios & Sports Club

Sports and fitness are big in Netherlands. In fact, people here like to keep fit so much that there are over 1,500 sports centers to be found across The Netherlands!


There are many different types of Yoga, here are some studios / online options available in Weert:

- Yoga Weert (Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga, yoga chikitsa)

- Yogaless Weert

- Yoga Irene Poel (Saswitha yoga & pregnancy yoga)

- Lifestyle Vitae (yoga, yin yoga, yoga power flow)

- Yoga Instituutsurya (Yin yoga, power yoga, vinyasa yoga, easy flow and hatha yoga)

- Flowtime Yoga

- My Infinite Ashtanga (online classes - ashtanga yoga)


- Lifestyle Vitae Zumba

- Judith's Dance Point

- Loods 37

- MBdance

- Il Fiore Health Centre

- Lifestyle Vitae

Martial Arts

- Shotokan Karate-Do Kuro Obi Weert

- Life Style Vitae Karate

- Life Style Vitae Budo

- Shaolin Kempo Fung Fu

- Krav Maga Limburg at Loods 37

- Vitae Taekwon-do

- Taoist Tai Chi

- Kickboxing - Dekickboksschool

- Fight Gym Weert

- HV Weert
Water Sports
- Wakeboarding / Water-ski / Kneeboarding at Ijzereman
- Rowing - Heerlijk roeien in Weert

Gyms & Health Clubs Near Me

- Vitae Lifestyle Club

- Il Fiore Health Centre

- Nox Gym Weert

- Loods 37

- Anytime Fitness

- Fit Klub

- Basic Fit

Swimming Pools Near Me

Swimming is one of those activities that can be done almost anywhere at any time, as long as you have a pool handy. It’s also low-impact exercise, which means it won’t stress your joints or cause injuries if you have to ramp up your workouts or skip a day or two because of something else going on. And yes, it burns calories! Swimming pools usually offers kids swimming lessons as well as a variety of water sports like Aquafits, Aquarobics, etc

- De Ijzeremen Man Zwembad

- Laco (Nederweert)

Golf Courses in the Area

18-hole Golf Course in Weert - Crosmoor Golf Course offers 'Championship Course'. Suitable for beginners and advance golfers!

Tennis Clubs in Weert

- Clubgebouw T.C Weert

- T.C Weert Oost

- Tennisclub Boshoven

- Lawn Tennisclub Ray Prickers

Outdoor Gym Weert

A park in Molenaker was designed with Calisthenics & outdoor workout equipments such as pull up bar, parallel bars, etc. It's located next to a basketball / mini skate park and a big playground.

Address: Poldermolen, Weert, Province of Limburg, Netherlands, 6003BC, The Netherlands

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