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Uncover The Best Gyms, Yoga Studios and Sports Centers in Weert

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

Sports in Weert, Netherlands

On the hunt for sporting and outdoor activities in Weert? You don't need to live in one of the country's largest cities to access a variety of sports. The town of Weert also offers various sports, including gyms and other sports centers. As with most locations, due to Covid-19, all indoor activities are suspended however some centres provide online or outdoor alternatives!

Sports in Weert, Netherlands

For those looking to get physical activity in Weert, Netherlands, they are spoilt for choice. There are plenty of options available, ranging from golf courses where you can enjoy an exciting round of 18 holes and those who prefer more thrilling activities may take advantage of the skate parks. So grab your friends and family and join in the fun - there is truly something for everyone in Weert!

Exercise Studios & Sports Club in Weert

In The Netherlands, there is no shortage of fitness and sports clubs to choose from. With over 1,500 exercise studios and sports clubs across the country, residents of the area can easily find a place to stay in shape or commit to an active lifestyle. With numerous options available to them, locals in Weert are sure to discover a facility that best suits their needs and interests when it comes to health and wellness!

Yoga Studios in Weert

Yoga has become popular in Weert with many studios and online classes bringing people together to practice diverse poses or asanas. Whether you prefer a some light breathing exercises or power Vinyasa flows, there are several options available in Weert. So explore your local yoga scene and discover the studio that suits your needs best!

- Yoga Weert (Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga, yoga chikitsa)

- Yoga Irene Poel (Saswitha yoga & pregnancy yoga)

- Lifestyle Vitae (yoga, yin yoga, yoga power flow)

- Yoga Instituutsurya (Yin yoga, power yoga, vinyasa yoga, easy flow and hatha yoga)

- My Infinite Ashtanga (online classes - ashtanga yoga)

Zumba in Weert

Martial Arts in Weert

- Vitae Taekwon-do


Water Sports

Gyms & Health Clubs Near Me

Get your fitness on track with our guide to the top Gyms & Health Clubs in Weert! Find one that fits your needs and start getting fit today!

- Vitae Lifestyle Club

- Il Fiore Health Centre

Swimming Pools in Weert

Residents of Weert have plenty of swimming opportunities available to them if they’re looking for a great exercise and recreational activity. Local pools offer kids of all ages swimming lessons, and there are a number of water sports that can also be enjoyed such as Aquafit, Aquarobics, etc. Swimming is an ideal exercise because it’s low-impact and doesn’t put too much strain on the joints, plus it has the added bonus of burning calories!

Golf Courses in the Area

18-hole Golf Course in Weert - Crosmoor Golf Course offers 'Championship Course'. Suitable for beginners and advance golfers!

Tennis Clubs in Weert

Tennis is an exciting sport that can be enjoyed anywhere. In Weert, there are a few tennis clubs that offer a variety of activities, from singles to doubles matches and everything in between. They also provide lessons for beginners who would like to learn the basics of the game. Whether you’re interested in joining a league or just having some fun with friends, these tennis clubs have something for everyone- regardless of their skill level.

Outdoor Gym Weert

The Molenaker Park in Weert is the perfect spot for an outdoor gym session. This area of the park is designed with calisthenics and workout equipment, specifically pull up bars and parallel bars, allowing users to get active in the great outdoors. Plus, the park also has a basketball court and mini-skatepark, as well as a large playground for kids to enjoy.

Address: Poldermolen, Weert, Province of Limburg, Netherlands, 6003BC, The Netherlands


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