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Finding an Excellent Driving School in Weert

Updated: Dec 15, 2023

english driving school in weert

Discovering Driving Schools in Weert

Looking for driving schools in Weert? There are many driving schools in the city offering high quality, professional instruction. Whether you’re a beginner or experienced, you’ll benefit from their services and be able to become a safe and confident driver. They include theoretical classes, as well as practical training, so you can hone your skills and get ready to hit the roads of Weert in no time.

Adjusting to Left-Hand Driving

In countries such as the UK, Singapore, Indonesia, New Zealand, and Australia, it's customary to drive on the left-hand side of the road. As someone who's more familiar with right-hand driving, I found it to be quite a challenge. That's why I opted to take additional driving lessons as a precautionary measure.

What should you expect from a driving school?

Learning how to drive in the Netherlands requires quite a bit of preparation, on top of attending driving school. To make sure you’re ready for your first driver’s license, it is important to know what to expect from driving lessons. Common topics taught in driving schools are following the rules of the road, changing lanes, parallel parking and controlling the car at high speeds. Other topics can also include practice with computer simulations and theory tests. With careful planning and patience, you’ll soon be able to ace your official driver’s test!

Driving Schools with Lessons in English

Looking for driving lessons in English in Weert? Doing a driving school course is the best way to learn how to drive here. With an English-speaking instructor, you'll get extra assistance and preparation for any theory test you may face during your exam. The course covers everything from teaching you how to drive, right up to helping you pass your theory test on the first attempt.

I did my driving lessons and exams in English with Rischool Jacobs. Although most Dutch people speak decent English, it would be ideal to get the lessons with a driving teacher who is able to give instructions in English. Driving School Gambira is an alternative which provides information and lessons in automatic cars and in English too!

Manual or Automatic Car

If you are considering getting your car license, it is important to decide whether to take manual or automatic lessons. With the rise of electric cars, an increasing number of people are opting for automatic driving lessons as they generally require less experience and practice than manual. However, taking an automatic car lesson means that you won't be legally allowed to drive a manual vehicle.

I opted for a manual car driving license as I already knew how to operate the car. Driving School Gembira provides lessons for automatic cars as well.

Pass your driving theory test first

Before you begin the practical part of your driving license test, you'll first need to pass the theory exam. To get ready for this, some driving schools offer a theory book. However, they can be poorly translated and outdated. For this reason, we highly recommend using an app such as Theoryexamen App. It is interactive and 85% similar to the actual exam you'll write - making it ideal to practice with before you book your official driving theory exam. After passing the theory test, there will be a time limit in which you have to pass your practical test successfully too.

Here is the list of some driving schools in Weert for you to explore around

Rijschool Jacobs T: 0495 531 267

T: 06 22 87 90 86

Rijschool Driss T: 06 50973072

T: 06 14129691

T: 0495 585 109

Autorijschool Rij-expert Weert, Roermond, Eindhoven e.o. T: 06 46514108 Autorijschool YouToo T: 06 47780058

Rij-expert T: 06 46514108


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