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Weert Driving Schools

Updated: Nov 25

english driving school in weert

Although Weert is a super bike friendly city, learning how to drive a car is handy when the weather turns bad. When it comes to learning how to drive in Weert, there are plenty of options on driving schools in Weert.

Previously, I drove on the right hand side of the road just like in the UK, Singapore, Indonesia, New Zealand, Australia and more. I was not comfortable on driving on the left side of the road, I wanted to retake a few classes for our own safety.

What should you expect from a driving school?

If you’re reading articles about getting your first driver’s license, you probably want to get your official license as soon as possible. However, you need to keep some things in mind when it comes to taking driving lessons. With a bit of planning and patience, you’ll have no problem getting your first driver’s license. Here are some tips on what to expect from driving lessons and how they can help you prepare for that big day.

Driving Schools with Lessons in English

Doing a driving course is one of the most effective ways to learn how to drive in Weert. It doesn’t just teach you how to drive but also helps you prepare for your theory test and pass it on your first attempt. By choosing an English-speaking instructor, you will be given extra support and preparation for speaking part of your exam.

I did my driving lessons and exams in English with Rischool Jacobs. Although most Dutch people speaks decent English, it would be ideal to get the lessons with a driving teacher who is able to give instructions in English. Driving School Gambira is an alternative which provide informations and lessons in automatic cars and in English too!

Manual or Automatic Car

Nowadays, with the rise of electric car, you could opt for the automatic car license which would be easier than manual if you have not driven a car before. However, if opting for this meaning you would not be allowed to drive a manual car.

I opted for manual car driving license as I already knew how to operate the car. Driving School Gembira provides lessons for automatic car as well.

Pass your theory test first

As part of the package, the driving school will give you theory book in English. The one I got was poorly translated and a little outdated. I preferred the Theoryexamen App. I highly recommend this app as it's interactive and 85% similar to the actual theory driving exam. When you feel ready, you can request for your instructor to book for the theory exam for you. From the moment you passed the theory exam there would be a time limit on when you would need to pass your practical exam.

Here is the list of some driving schools in Weert for you to explore around

Rijschool Jacobs T: 0495 531 267

Autorijschool Gembira

T: 06 22 87 90 86

Rijschool Kees Starreveld

T: 0495 540 888

Autorijschool Nies

T: 06 14129691

Rijschool Driss T: 06 50973072

Autorijschool Nies

T: 06 14129691

Rijschool Philippe

T: 0495 585 109

Autorijschool Rij-expert Weert, Roermond, Eindhoven e.o. T: 06 46514108 Autorijschool YouToo T: 06 47780058

Rijschool de visser T: 06 52681467

Autorijschool Rob Steuten T: 0495 536 113

J. v. Grimbergen T: 0495 536 460

Rijschool Gear Up T: 0495 532 503

Rijschool B. Kroeze T: 0495 536 046

Rij-expert T: 06 46514108

Auto-rijschool Heiny van Vreede

T: 06 30118716

Autorijschool Jan van Eerd T: 06 51211440

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