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What to Know Before You Rent a House in Weert

Updated: May 13

Ready to rent a house in Weert? Get informed on what renters need to consider before taking the plunge with this concise guide.

house rental in weert

In order to gain a better understanding of the housing rental market in Weert, I conducted some research and sent out questionnaires to local real estate agents. Through my investigation, I discovered that Dwars Marklaars is the only one in Weert that works with Holland Expat Centre South. During my conversation with Eugène Konings from Dwars Makelaars Eindhoven, he provided me with some useful insights about the rental market landscape.

"With the growing population in Eindhoven, the demand for housing is reaching its peak. Many expats working in Eindhoven are now seeking affordable home rentals with a reasonable commute time of 30-45 minutes from work. The Holland Expat Centre South has taken part in an info session to help these workers find suitable options. The situation is not different from other global cities with extensive commuting times such as London, Paris, or Singapore. In Weert, the house rental market within a reasonable range of commute time to Eindhoven is increasingly competitive." Eugène Konings, Dwars Makelaars

30 mins areas around eindhoven

Where to Live Within 30-45 Minutes of Eindhoven?

If you're looking to live near Eindhoven, there are several alternative towns with cheaper housing prices:

  • Veldhoven (5-6% cheaper than houses in Eindhoven)

  • Valkenswaard (similar to prices in Eindhoven / Veldhoven). Although Valkenswaard is pretty close to Eindhoven, there is no highway connection or train service between Valkenswaard and Eindhoven

  • Helmond (25-30% lower than houses in Eindhoven)

  • Weert (25-30% lower than houses in Eindhoven). Compared to Helmond, Weert offers a better environment and lifestyle with a more relax ambience, nature, sports facilities, restaurants and cafés

So what makes Weert an attractive city to live in for people who work in Eindhoven?

  • A good connection with the highway (A2), by car it takes 25 minutes (normal) to 45 minutes (peak time). By train, from Weert Station you can travel to Eindhoven Central Station in 19 minutes

  • A safer environment for a young family to raise children. Practically there is no bad neighbourhood in Weert

  • Small means convenient, it's easy to run your daily errands for groceries, and other chores

  • Surrounded by lots of nature and greeneries. The Municipality of Weert was named the ‘Greenest region in the world’ in 2014

  • Close to the Belgium and German borders

Eugène shared some tips/info for property rental seeker:

  • Location (convenient for daily commute to work/school)

  • The neighbourhood (safety, accessibility) 

  • A house with good insulations (double glass, check the energy label) 

  • When you rent a house/apartment, the building insurance would be covered by monthly rental cost. However, it's important to get your belongings such as furniture, tv, laptop, etc insured too

  • If you are looking to rent an apartment, usually there is a rental service cost payable to the building management (average of €45-60 per month)

Pros and cons of renting vs buying a house in Weert?

When considering whether to rent or buy a house in Weert, it is important to weigh the pros and cons of both options. Renting offers flexibility as you can typically sign a contract with a defined end date, while buying involves an investment plan that might result in profit if market conditions are favourable. When making your decision it is equally important to consider how long you anticipate staying in the area and which option will offer you the best financial return.

If you are in the process of renting or buying a house in Eindhoven / Weert, it is important to have an experienced housing agent who can help identify what matters most for you and your family. This will reduce the chances of making mistakes associated with unfamiliarity in this area and potentially save money in the long run.


PS: This is not a sponsored article, although I could not refuse their little Tony Chocolonely!

Eugène Konings is genuinely passionate about helping people to find the right home or even a dream home.

Tel: 040 4444000

dwars makelaars weert

In general, rental contracts in the Netherlands should include:

  • Both your and your landlord’s name and signature.

  • An agreed monthly rent and method of payment.

  • Rental security deposit information, if applicable.

  • An address and description of the place.

  • Starting and ending dates.

  • Specific house rules (pets, third party housing, smoking policy etc.).

  • Extra costs and/or utilities (energy (gas and electricity)waterInternetphone line etc.).

  • Landlord’s duties (maintenance, repairs etc.).

  • A notice period for terminating the contract.

  • An inventory list (if the apartment is furnished).

  • The date on which the rent will be increased each year

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