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Where to Go for the Holidays from Weert

Although Weert is a small city, due to its proximity to Belgium and Germany, it's quite handy to cross the borders.

Normally, I love to plan my travels, but with uncertainty of covid-19 regulations, my best bet to travel is to book last minute trips.

By Plane

From Eindoven Airport, you can fly to 75 destinations including London, Barcelona, Copenhagen, Faro, Dublin, Athens. From Weert, you can drive Eindhoven Airport which will take about 35minutes. Long term parking places are available around the airport with an average of 50Euro for a week cost for parking your car. You can also take the train to Eindoven and hop onto the bus to the airport which takes approximately one hour. Alternative airports are Maastricht Airport or Dusseldorf Airport. We have flown from Dusseldorf as well, and park our car at a long term parking which cost about 80Euro per week. We like flying from smaller airports nearby as we don't have to travel two hours North to Amsterdam and the boarding process are just a lot quicker.

By Car

Going back to the discounted websites, we have discovered hotel + dinner + breakfast packages on Social Deal or Groupon or Tripper. Even with lock downs, these deals are pretty sweet as you still can book a destination near a nature park and enjoy a weekend away all inclusive. The destination spreads from Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Few destinations to check out in The Netherlands are the coastal area in Zealand, the nature park in Veluwen or some historical hotels in border of Germany. You can still dine across the border if you have the right QR code for vacination of recovery proof. PS: Germany requires FFP2 mask (please check on their latest covid-19 measures before you cross the border).

By Bus

Slangen Reizen offers bus trip and basic hotel accommodations. Some of their popular trips are 3 Days in Paris, 3 Days in Paris including Disneyland, Prague, Berlin, London, Canterbury and many more. The bus will pick you up at Weert's train station at a specific schedule for the trip. Some trips may be cancelled due to lack of participant, but look out for their last minute deals, it's a good value for money.

By Train

Travelling within the country is easy too as the main NS train connects Weert to most major cities in The Netherlands!

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