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Who is Nomads in Weert?

"I was born in Indonesia, the fourth generation of Chinese grew up in a quiet town in East Java, Indonesia surrounded with lots of nature (pretty much like Weert). At the age of 14, I heard the universe call and pursued my high school in Auckland, New Zealand. As a teenager, my restless soul searched for new scenery; so I continued my higher education in buzzing city-state, Singapore where I finished my undergraduate with an art degree in Fashion Marketing & Management from the University of Northumbria, UK. I started my first job in Singapore with my first job as a parent liaison manager for a new art international kindergarten. After a few years, I decided to pursue my passion for food and started my career in food & beverage marketing until today. In 2018, my husband and I decided to pack our bags and take our child to The Netherlands for a better work-life balance and settled in Weert."

Fransisca Wijanarko

Why Weert?

Convenient would be the first word that comes to mind when people asked why did we move to Weert. Although the city is not aesthetically pleasing with old historical buildings and cultural heritage, the city size is comfortable to fulfill our main needs.

A decent school for our child, a friendly and safe environment and lots of green surroundings. 

For me personally, after years of living in buzzing city, I find small pleasures in this little city. A calming environment for my head and soul. Once in a while when I need the buzz from a big city, the train system is very accessible to the nearest city such as Eindhoven or Maastricht. 

What's Nomads in Weert is all about?

After chatting to a lot of English-speaking newcomers in Weert, many of us agreed that there is not a lot of information in English about settling down in Weert. 

I decided to start this blog to share more informations and personal experiences with the English speaking people in Weert to help more people ease their transition. I geuninely hope that there would be some useful information that I can contribute some tips and tricks about Weert, family life, work, food and other things through this blog which save some of you the hazzle or time trying to figure things out. 

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