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Covid-19 Weert - Updates 15 Dec 2020

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

Last week, my daughter caught bad stomach flu and was down for a few days. I must say the route of getting an appointment in English more complicated than I thought it would be. With this, some tips that may save you some time to make an appointment if you need a Covid-19 test. 

What you need:

  • Prepare your BSN number (the resident identification number)

  • Call the GGD hotline (0800-1202 for adults / 0881-191990 for children). Weert falls under Limburg Noord GGD (North Limburg GGD). The test can now be done in Weert (Farenheitstraat, click here for map)

Last night, Prime Minister Rutte announced 'Nederland gaat op slot' which means that we are going to quite a strict lockdown period for the next 5 weeks. From Wednesday till 19 January, schools, non-essential shops (clothes, garden centre) cinemas, hairdressers, massage parlours, etc will be closed. Both primary and secondary schools must close their doors from Wednesday and switch to online education. Childcare must also be closed, but childcare options will only remain for parents with essential professions. 

The rules for gatherings are as follow:

  • 2 persons maximum per household visit (excluding children)

  • 3 persons maximum per household visit during Christmas (excluding children)

Things has not been easy this year, closing in the year some of us get melancholy with the winter blues. The extra Covid-19 stress on the side may add a whole lot of pressure in the cooker! You may want to call in the hotline provided to support mental health -

I wish you all the best for the rest of this 2020, have a Merry Christmas with loved ones and may 2021 be a better and brighter year!

Stay healthy, stay home and stay tuned!


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