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Homebakers (thuisbakker) in Weert

I was on a mission to find a home baker in Weert on a National holiday.

A couple of weeks back I had a moment of stress when the child’s birthday was coming up and she would love to have a simple red velvet cake from Hema. It’s probably not the best quality but it’s quite pretty for an off-the-rack birthday cake. Unfortunately, Hema happened to close on the second Easter Day (Tweede Paasdag).

I sent SOS message to friends, neighbours /and anyone I know to recommend a decent home baker in Weert.

List of home-bekers in Weert:

  • Uit de oven van roos

  • Liefsloesje

  • Zoetjes aan

  • Lizzy bakery

Things I learnt from this experience:

  1. The word in Dutch for home baker is ‘thuisbakker’. Naturally, I typed-in home baker in Google search and found limited options

  2. Be prepared and order at least 3-4 weeks in advance. It was difficult when we had to plan the party last minute hoping that the weather would permit

  3. Most home bakers have quotas on the number of orders they take so get ready to queue

  4. Know exactly what you want, picture reference, flavour, colours etc

  5. Most home bakers don’t take orders for national holidays

I tried cakes from Weert home bakers at friends' birthday party before and many looks good on the outside but it's dry on the inside. Another thing that I'm quite fuzzie about is the taste, I found lots of bakeries I have tasted in the Netherlands that go strong on sugar and less on flavour. Uit de oven van roos came highly recommended by some contacts here in Weert so I did not get a chance to try her cake. Iris from Zoetjes ann came to the rescue, she was quick, customer-oriented and professional. Our daughter's requested a red velvet cake with drips style and white chocolate filling. The cake turned out amazing, she made red velvet rainbow cake and it tasted red velvet through and through. It was probably the best cake we had in Weert, the cake was moist, full of flavours and pretty too. I would definitely order from Zoetjes ann again for the upcoming occasions! As for the rest on the list above, I'll be willing to try and order one day.

PS: If you are a home baker in Weert feel free to leave me your website / instagram, I'll be happy to include your business on this list.

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