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Weert - Update for Residences during Coronavirus period

Given the latest circumstances with the coronavirus. Following the Dutch government's advise, Weert's City Council has announced to change the day to day activities at the town hall. The change of their service remains as long as the Dutch government's rules implementation. 

Below is the summary of the changes applied:

  • Appointments at Weert's town hall 

Weert's city council office is only open from 9 am - 12 pm. If you need to register yourself or get a driving license, get a marriage or birth certificate. All services are still available strictly by appointment -

  • Closure of some public areas 

Weert's library and children petting zoo are temporarily closed until 28 April 2020

  • The rubbish dump

The rubbish dump remains open with a limited number of visitors. So if you need to dispose of any bulky items, get yourself organized and work efficiently 

  • House visits

If you have an appointment for a house visit by any of the government's agency. All appointments are temporarily suspended

  • King's Day 

All the fun and activities for King's Day will be suspended this year

  • Crossing Border

As Belgium has closed its border, please do not attempt to cross the border even if you just need to pump some petrol in Maaseik. There would be fines from the Belgian government of €350 maximum, but if you get caught of doing it more than once they will fine €4000. So don't do it!

  • Hotline for Coronavirus enquiries in Weert 

If you have any symptoms or any questions in regards to the covid-19, first call your local GP where you registered yourself at or call the Weert's local hotline at 0495 - 575000

Hope the above info in English helps some of you to navigate yourself in Weert during this coronavirus pandemic. 

I do hope that things will go back to normal as soon as possible, although I recently I read an article from  that The Netherlands may take about two years to deal with covid-19 pandemic. 

According to Weertegekste, the latest data (6 April) from RIVM, 43 residents of Weert have been hospitalized and 25 residents of Nederweert residents have been hospitalized for coronavirus.  

PS: I love Weertegekste's Instagram feed with the latest updates on what's going on in our neighbourhood!

Stay home and stay healthy!


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