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Best Educational Kid's TV Shows on Netflix

"Mom, Can I watch some TV?"

Let's face it, working from home is great, and having the little one at home is cozy. But with this question popping up every 10 minutes you may just give in so you can focus onto your work.

Since the Dutch government closed all schools on 6 April, the school and teachers have worked hard to send down some worksheets and activities.

Let's face it, being a working mom is just hard, so there's no need to overstretch yourself and give in to some quality educational tv shows. My daughter knows not to touch her parents' phone, or play with tablets. So educational kids tv show is a source for her downtime. I prefer to put on Netflix, as its free from ads which are tailored to get kids to ask for new toys or unhealthy snacks. I have organised these shows based on age rating

Ask the StoryBots

Informative in bite size, story telling scenes by the adorable robots.

Age rating - AL

Julie's Greenroom 

Who does not love Julie Andrews? A netflix original where she guides the puppets through musical number

Age rating - AL


Scientific, in a fun way where kids can digest the info

Age rating - AL

Jim Henson's World Party

Kids will learn new words through songs and social context

Age rating - 4

Carmen Sandiego

I love this one, it teaches the kids about the world and adventure. A remake from 80's computer game and 90's game show.

Age rating - 6

The Magic School Bus Rides Again

A journey into space with the school bus.

Age rating - 6

Beat Bugs

The music of the Beatles in everyday life of the bugs life and outdoor adventure.

Age rating - 7


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