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Going out in Weert - Movies

I love going to the movies, even if we have Netflix and a huge projector screen at home, I still feel that the whole ritual of going to the cinema is quite fun.

For regular blockbuster movies, the good old cinema in Weert called Gotcha is quite comfortable, located within the city centre (Beekstraat 49-53 - 6001 GG Weert). It's a petite, old school cinema with plenty of room space, and extra space to put your food and drinks in the cinema. Although if you are looking for an Imax experience, Weert hasn't got any, the closest would be Roermond or Eindhoven city. The cinema is attached to a bistro in front of it, so you can technically buy a bottle of wine and a cheese platter and bring it inside the cinema. They also offer a 3-course dinner and movie bundle deal for starting from € 28,50 per person. Unfortunately, I can't comment on the food quality on this arrangement as I never tried them myself. Usually, we head down to the cinema after dinner with the little one at home.

What I love about it is that because it's a petit cinema and Weert is relatively a small city; we could just go to the movie last minute when we felt like it. Easy parking at Parkeergarage Stadhuis, no reservations or planning ahead required, unless it's a very popular movie on release night or the weekend. Although you can place an online reservation too with online payment or you can make payment when you arrive at their front counter. If you need more information, you can call them at 0495 – 53 20 02 (Cinema) / 0495 – 54 01 75 (Café).

There are other restaurants and bistros on the stretch of Beekstraat, where Gotcha is located:

If you are into an alternative cinema with feature and art films, Filmhuis Weert houses indie movies and feature films. Check out their listed movies screening schedule hereFilmhuis Weert located outside the city centre, on Suffolkweg 21 - 6002 AB, Weert. For reservation, you can call 0495 – 53 20 02

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