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Home baker from Peer, Belgium

Where to order birthday cake in Weert? Read on....

This year my daughter turned 8 and requested for an LOL cake. I was recommended to try A.lehaen Cake, a home baker from Peer (30 mins from Weert). There are plenty of options on where to order birthday cake in Weert. From bakeries, supermarket and even home bakers. But plenty looks good on the outside and the cake is dry on the inside. I do prefer the cake and pastries from Belgium than the Netherlands. They seemed to understand flavour and texture beyond just sugar and butter mix.

We took a while to finish the cake this year as we had no birthday party, amazing that the cake is still moist even after 6 days! We ordered a small one but the size is quite reasonable and the baker understand the request in personal level. Very happy with this cake! Also we didn’t have to drive to Peer, we arranged a pick up location in Weert which is super convenient!

For more list of home baker from Weert check out this link

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