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Prague, The Fairytale City

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

In early March, before the covid-19 broke out properly in Europe, we took a 5 days trip to Prague, the fairytale city. The flight from Eindhoven airport only took 1.5 hours. We flew with Ryan Air, which claims to be a cheap budget airline. After the extra charges they imposed (check-in and suitcase), we had to pay another €140 extra on top of our purchased ticket. We did make the rookie mistake of flying Ryan Air for the first time, despite the rumours we heard. Check-in can only be done online up to 3 hours, before the flight (or else they charge you €55 per person) for check-in at Eindhoven airport.

Before the trip, we had no expectations of how Prague. We watched vlog by Prague Honest Guide which saved up a lot of hassle with getting into the city from Prague airport, the tourist traps around the city, especially with money changers. The best way is to get a Transferwise debit card which gives you the best rate of exchange in any currency in the world.

Getting to Prague City Centre from Prague Airport

Thanks to Janek from the Honest Guide Prague, we got into the city easily with the bus and tram which cost us €1.50 per person. Set up your google map for direction so it would guide you on which bus or tram to take after the 119 public bus from the airport.

So what's Prague like?

Stepping into the old city centre is like walking around in an open-air fairytale kingdom. The beautiful architecture of medieval and baroque style buildings one after another in every corner of your eye. The sights around the old town, Charles Bridge and Prague Castle are all within walking distance. Bring a good pair of shoes, walking around the cobalt stone roads can be quite straining for the feet.

Where to stay in Prague?

We stayed in a more quiet area in the city centre called Mala Strana at Three Golden Crowns Apartments. Spacious room for 2-4 guests cost around €60 per night. The apartment is spacious, clean and equipped with a kitchen. The location is superb, a little more quiet than the rest of the city centre, opposite the epic St Nicholas church. Surrounded by restaurants.

Shopping in Prague

Around the old town and Mala Strana area, 80% of the shops are souvenir shops for tourists. We barely bought anything from those. When the weather was cold and rainy, we spent half of the day in a shopping mall called Palladium. It's located within walking distance from the city centre too, or you can opt to take the tram. There are quite a few charming bookstores around, for second hand and new English books; however, their prices are a lot higher than what you can get here.

Massage in Prague

Around the city centre, you will see a lot of Thai massage places. We tried a couple of different places and were disappointed, so don't bother.

Food in Prague

I love dumplings, from every country in every shape. Czech dishes typical dishes are Goulash with dumplings, Duck with dumplings, Goulash soup, Apple struddle, Sausages with super fresh horseradish and mustard, Beef Tartar with fried bread. Hearty and extra filling!

A few restaurants that we tried and recommend are:

Classic dishes, amazing beers, friendly staff, local price! Reservation recommended

Amazing hospitality, patisserie, brunch and French food

Just outside Three Golden Crown apartment, friendly staff, delicious food

Good for breakfast, open from 7.30 am, local price

A cozy, garden setting, reasonable price

What to do in Prague

Walking around the city centre and Charles Bridge is truly enchanting. Inhale the atmosphere, culture and art. Catch a classical concert in the city or at the Prague castle. Eat the local food, a lot of it! Try homemade lemonade, super refreshing!

PS: Beer is cheaper than water in Prague!

Will we go back to Prague again? Definitely, it is one of the best city we have ever visited. Comparable to Paris, minus the elites Parisian vibes, great and humble. Czech people are friendly and welcoming.

We love you Prague! Once this covid-19 pandemic is over, do put Prague on your bucket list and rejuvenate your soul with the magic of this fairytale city!


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