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Surviving the extended lock down, Weert

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

Before I begin, I would like to wish all of you a very happy new year 2021, let's keep our fingers crossed and hope that this year would be less bumpy than 2020.

Since the pandemic of Covid-19 worldwide, life changes. I have been working from home since the day we moved to the Netherlands as a marketing specialist, so working from home is not much of a change to my daily life. While I know a lot of people who are missing the feeling of going back to work, socialising and so on. The problems kicked in for me having to juggle full-on work, homeschooling, house chores and staying sane; which brings me to write this blog today.

With the extension of lockdown till 9th February 2021 which was announced yesterday. Here are soma tips to survive them if you live in Weert or within the area.

1. Discover nature

Most of us have our new year resolutions around this and time of the year. Things we need to change in our life or achieve for the better. For mine, on the top of the bucket list would be spending more time in nature. It’s a good way to get some fresh air and helps with the feeling of coop-up inside the house.

Two new spots I have discovers this year is Bunderbos (45mins down south) and Heijersbroek (10mins from Weert). The point is there are lots of nearby nature parks to discover! Dress for the weather and cold is not an issue as long as it stays dry. Get your gear on, rubber boots, windbreaker, thermal socks, etc and it would all worth the effort. The nature is quite stunning the frost!

PS: if you need decent rubber boots, I just got these from Amazon for €30

2. Grocery delivery subscription

Given the fact that most people are working from home, it does not make the supermarket less crowded on the weekend! Grocery shopping has become a lot more stressful on the weekend. A friend has introduced the Albert Heijn delivery subscription where you pay a monthly fee for one year period and get twice a month free delivery with a min of €50 order. It frees up my weekend time to spend more time in nature or anything else worth doing.

Since pre-Christmas, I have been trying to get delivery sort from a various supermarket and wasted so much time with no luck of delivery slot. With this subscription, you can pre-book the delivery slot in advance. Monthly subscription fee starts from 8euro, depending on the days/time of your delivery preference. Find out more details here - under Albert Heijn Bezorgbundel - AH Bezorgbundel | AH Klantenservice

3. Redecorate your living space

The living space has changed for most household as we spend a lot more time at home. Instead of being frustrated it is time to rethink through the spaces and how it can be better utilised. Too bad that all shops are closed and IKEA charges 49euro for a small delivery to Weert at this period.

Xenos is a home living brand similar to Kwantum which offer lots of tiny pretty things for home decoration - Betaalbaar wonen, tafelen & food | Da's leuk van Xenos

4. Spend more ME time

Netflix has gotten more brilliant! As one of the prominent surviving tool for 2020, it has added Headspace meditation and other good documentaries from some of the Ted-ex speakers. On Spotify, there are guided meditations as a playlist that you can listen to improve your mental wellbeing!

Good luck and stay tuned for more nature locations and photos update on nomadsinweert's Instagram


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